Why Kelly Clarkson Likely Won’t Be Dating Anyone Anytime Soon

The pop sensation is simply enjoying being single following her difficult divorce.
Kelly Clarkson

Kelly Clarkson.

It took Kelly Clarkson about two years to finalize her divorce from her ex-husband and former talent manager, Brandon Blackstock. Though the contentious process was finalized in March of 2022, the pop sensation and acclaimed television host isn’t quite ready to enter the dating pool again.

She expressed as much on a recent episode of her namesake TV program, The Kelly Clarkson Show. In a candid conversation with American actress Shannen Doherty, Clarkson admitted that—unlike Doherty, who is currently undergoing the divorce process herself—she’s not quite ready to embrace a new relationship.

While Doherty is, as Clarkson put it, “Ready to find love again,” she herself has not yet reached that point. “I am still in the stage of really enjoying me, so I’m not there,” she explained of her current view of dating and relationships.

“After divorce, it can be hard. After losing a relationship [in which] you thought you would spend forever with this person,” it’s tough to embrace the dating scene again, Clarkson said.

And it seems that she’s not quite ready to jump back into that after about seven years of marriage and a challenging separation and divorce process.

In addition to focusing on herself, the 41-year-old has been spending a lot more time with her dog, Henry, who was a means of comfort throughout the grieving period. That, in combination with her two children and her illustrious career, is keeping Clarkson busy enough for now. She seems to have no intention of changing that anytime soon.

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