Activist Alexis Ren Shares Her No. 1 Tip for Manifestation

The model and influencer is the cofounder of the We Are Warriors wellness community.
Alexis Ren was photographed by Yu Tsai in Aruba.
Alexis Ren was photographed by Yu Tsai in Aruba. / Yu Tsai/Sports Illustrated

Alexis Ren is always sharing her best tips to help followers reach their full potential. Whether it’s financial advice, lifestyle hacks, self-love mantras or quotes to live by, the influencer is on an ongoing journey of self-improvement, and wants her fans to also be on a positive path.

The one-time SI Swimsuit model is the cofounder of online wellness community We Are Warriors. She created the virtual platform to connect women all over the world with each other and provide them with valuable resources. Her latest advice video revolves around manifestation and the power of doing it correctly.

“Here’s why people have such a hard time manifesting. Manifestation is a nuanced process, understanding that every aspect, both positive and negative, is essential in guiding you towards your destiny, is a significant realization,” the actress stated in a new Instagram reel. “For instance, it’s not always the goal itself that matters, but rather the drive it inspires in you to reach where you truly need to be. That’s why sometimes when we ask for a specific thing, and we don’t get it, but then the path that we took to get that thing leads us to this other thing that is so much better than we can ever want—that’s what I’m speaking about here. Even the negative, even not having it, is still divine for you, if you believe it.”

The 27-year-old also offered access to her free guide on how to manifest “better things into your life” to her followers via Instagram’s comment feature.

“It’s already yours ❣️#manifestation,” she captioned the video that she shared with her platform’s 30,000 followers.

Earlier this year, Ren and her We Are Warriors cofounder, Allie Michelle, launched an interactive wellness journal, filled with prompts to help women connect with themselves and indulge in written therapy.

Ananya Panchal


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