3 Splurge-Worthy Wellness Gifts, According to Melissa Wood-Tepperberg

The MWH founder has some fantastic suggestions for holiday gifting season.
On the left, there are three wellness products that Melissa Wood-Tepperberg says is worth the splurge. On the right, Melissa Wood-Tepperberg poses in a yellow sports bra and gold jewelry.

Melissa Wood-Tepperberg and three wellness splurges.

Gifting season is upon us. While the holidays are lovely, finding the perfect presents for everyone on your list isn’t always a walk in the park. If you are struggling to find gifts that are well-suited for your friends and family, we have some suggestions for you.

Like a lot of people, we’ve been on a wellness kick of late, and, thus, have been seeking out the products that we feel will best serve us in the New Year. The following gift suggestions, which come courtesy of workout and wellness leader Melissa Wood-Tepperberg’s recent TikTok, could serve as the perfect investment to make in your friends and family—or yourself.  

DPL Flex Pad – LED Light Therapy Muscle Pain Relief, $179 (ledtechnologies.com)

This pad uses infrared light therapy to reduce pain, relax muscles and increase local blood circulation. According to Wood-Tepperberg, it helps her to reduce stress when she uses it on her lower back.

HigherDose Red Light Face Mask, $349 (higherdose.com)

This is a mask that combines red and near-infrared LED technologies to boost your mood and enhance your natural glow. Wood-Tepperberg, a mom of two, said this mask “keeps my skin looking radiant even after those sleepless nights with the littles.”

Apollo® Wearable, $299.99 (apolloneuro.com)

This band and clip send silent, soothing vibrations through your body in order to improve sleep quality, focus, heart rate variability, performance and recovery. With both a band and a clip to choose from, you can find the method that works best for you. According to Wood-Tepperberg, “it works magic for stress relief and energy levels.”

For more wellness tips, tricks and suggestions, look no further than the 41-year-old’s other social media content (such as her gua sha tutorial below).

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