The Key Advice Jasmine Sanders Received From Her Therapist That She Repeats Often

The social media influencer opened up about her ongoing self-love journey.
Jasmine Sanders

Jasmine Sanders.

German-born model Jasmine Sanders is always keeping it real with her 6.3 million followers. She’s not perfect and is on her own journey to self-love. The social media superstar, who first began to gain fans on Tumblr and is best known by her longtime signature handle, Golden Barbie, recently opened up about how going to therapy has benefitted her. She also noted that there shouldn’t be such a stigma around going to therapy.

During the “Be You Women’s Empowerment Series” panel presented by Maybelline at the University of Central Florida on Sept. 28, the 32-year-old was asked what joy looks like to her.

‘You are enough’

Sanders was quick to appreciate the question—and note that it‘s an important one because joy can be so individualistic and personal. For her, joy means “feeling like you are enough.” The five-time SI Swimsuit model, who was photographed by Ben Watts in Puerto Rico for the 2023 issue, admits that feeling like enough every day is an ongoing “journey and battle.” She’s slowly getting there, and actively taking steps to work on herself, but for the days where she doesn’t feel 100% worthy, Sanders gives herself grace.

‘Just focus on you’

The 2020 SI Swimsuit Issue cover star has been in the modeling industry for several years and has worked with majors brands like Victoria’s Secret, Reebok, Free People, Nike, Ralph Lauren. She’s also graced the pages of numerous fashion and lifestyle magazines, including Vogue, Allure, Glamour and GQ. But much like the rest of us, she has both good and bad days. 

“My therapist loves to say, ‘You are not trying, you’re doing.’ Because I always say, ‘Well I tried,’ or ‘I’m trying to go to work today or I’m trying to...’ She’s like, “Babe, you’re doing it. You are fully doing it,’” she shared. “So give yourself that credit alone. To myself and to everyone in the audience, find what enough means to you, not to everyone else.”

Sanders added that over the years she has learned that you truly can’t please everyone. Her focus right now is to just be her best and show up every day for no one but herself.

“I love my parents so much, but they are perfectionists, and I have led my entire life with that, and I think I need to just focus on figuring out what ‘enough’ is to Jasmine,” she continued. “The rest of the world can see you as the most beautiful person in the world [and] feel as if you don’t have anything crazy going on, but realistically, when you go to bed at night, whether you’re in a relationship or anything, it’s [just] you. It’s you by yourself. You end up passing away by yourself. So make sure that you are good with yourself and you are happy. You feel like you’re enough. Then I think the rest of the world will see that as well—it’s going to ooze out like crazy. So just focus on you.”

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