Alix Earle Shares 3 Methods She Uses to Cope With Anxiety

The influencer is often transparent with her massive social media following about mental health.
Alix Earle

Alix Earle.

Alix Earle is beloved for her transparency, and the influencer recently opened up about having a panic attack while attending the U.S. Open. The 22-year-old University of Miami graduate took to TikTok to share a photo of herself on the bathroom floor while she talked through how she managed her anxiety at the time.

“No. 1, and I know this is super hard, but I like to tell someone that I don’t feel good, that I’m having anxiety,” Earle shared. She noted that she was with a friend at the tennis tournament, and confided that she was experiencing bad anxiety. “It helps to have someone there, you know, that if something does happen to you, they’ll be able to get help or do something.”

Earle’s second method of coping with anxiety involves breathing exercises. Her tactic is a version of 4-7-8 breathing, in which Earle breathes in for four seconds, holds her breath for five to six seconds and exhales for six seconds.

“And I’ll repeat that a few times, and that helps like calm your nervous system and just get into a better head space,” she explained.

Lastly, Earle tries to distract herself in order to work through her anxiety. She shared that when she and her friend left the bathroom and went back into their suite, she began asking questions about the food and her surroundings.

“You just have to find something to distract yourself and get your mind out of that bad head space, because you keep spiraling if you don’t,” she said.

Earle’s mental health tips were well-received by her 5.8 million followers on the platform, many of whom thanked her for opening up about her experience in the comments.

“Thank you for sharing this 🥹,” one person wrote. “I feel like people talk about panic attacks, but don’t go in depth enough to actually help others. You’re an angel!”

“Thank you for talking about this Al!” someone else added. “Truly in panic attacks all you can do is breathe and wait for it to pass. It WILL pass 🤍.”

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