Body Neutrality Influencer Sixtine Shares Her Unusual Form of Self-Care

The 2023 SI Swimsuit rookie recently revealed her go-to way to unwind.


Self-care comes in many forms, and we always enjoy learning about different ways to prioritize our emotional, mental and spiritual well-beings. Sixtine, a rookie in the 2023 SI Swimsuit Issue recently revealed a perhaps unconventional form of self-care that we think is worth repeating.

During a panel discussion at SI Swimsuit’s “Be You Women’s Empowerment Series,” presented by Maybelline, at the University of Cincinnati on Sept. 21, Sixtine shared that she defines “self-care” a little differently than the typical at-home spa day or hot girl walk.

“My self-care is going out. Like, I want to go to bars and dance with my friends,” she stated. “It’s the one moment in my life where I forget my phone exists.”

Sixtine has built a career as a model and influencer on both Instagram and TikTok, so it makes sense that her go-to form of self-care revolves around briefly disconnecting from technology. She also noted that her friend group helps to keep her grounded.

“[My friends are] normal people who are very separate from my industry, which is nice because they keep me from getting a big head. But my self-care is going out with them. I love my friends, they’re my biggest supporters. And so every possible chance, I am out dancing until 4 a.m., honestly, if you let me. It’s funny, I think a lot of people think ‘self-care,’ like, oh, you know, at home, a bubble bath, face masks, and I’m like, no, I want to go out.”

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Cara O’Bleness


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