An Effective 5-Minute Ab Routine for Anytime and Anywhere Taught by Katie Austin

Much like her other quick, versatile routines, this set is a real burner and perfect for a busy schedule.
Katie Austin poses in a brown high-neck dress and flexes her arm muscle.

Katie Austin.

Fitness influencer Katie Austin preaches movement anytime, anywhere. According to the SI Swimsuit model, you don’t have to dedicate a significant portion of your day to exercise in order to reap the benefits of movement. If you only have a mat and a few minutes to give, then do that.

In that vein, the former Division I lacrosse player tailors the workout routines that she shares with her followers and app subscribers to be fit for minimal equipment and limited time frames. The most recent set that she shared on her Instagram featured six simple moves for toning your abdomen. The whole routine, which she completed using just a mat and her bodyweight, took only five minutes.

Here are the six moves that she performed:

Lifted bicycles

With your upper body lifted and resting on your forearms, extend each leg long in alternating movements. Continue for 25 seconds. Rest for five seconds.

Side plank dips

With one forearm on the ground and your body lifted, lower your body toward your mat. At the halfway point, switch to the other side and repeat. Continue for 25 seconds. Rest for five seconds.

Plank to floating table top

Start in a plank position. Bring one leg in and place your foot on the mat so that your knee is under your hip. Repeat this motion with the other leg so that you’re in a floating table top. Extend both legs back out to plank. Continue for 25 seconds. Rest for five seconds.

Scissor kicks

Lay on your back with your legs extended straight up in the air. Alternate dropping each leg toward your mat without letting them touch the ground. Continue for 25 seconds. Rest for five seconds.

Rope climbers

Lay on your back in a crunch position. Reach up with your arms to one side of your knees, lifting your upper body off the mat while miming climbing a rope. Continue crunching up, alternating sides each time. Continue for 25 seconds. Rest for five seconds.

Side V-ins

Sit up on one side with one palm resting on the mat behind you and the other holding the back of your head. Bring your knees in to meet your elbow and extend back out. Repeat on the other side. Continue for 25 seconds. Rest for five seconds.

“The quick ab workout you can do anywhere, anytime! Feel free to repeat 2 times through for a 10 minute core crushing workout🔥,” Austin wrote in the caption. As she mentioned, try doing the routine twice in a row for an added challenge.

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