Ellie Thumann Reveals Her Tried-and-True Methods for Getting Out of a ‘Post-Holiday Funk’

The model has an authentic and honest approach to bettering her mental health. Here are some of her tested techniques.
Ellie Thumann

Ellie Thumann.

Ellie Thumann is all about honest representations of her journey to better her mental health. It’s something we admire most about the model—her utter dedication to self-improvement and helping others to do so in the process. It’s the reason why we asked her to own a mental health series throughout the month of January.

Needless to say, she’s an inspiration. Her latest TikTok is only the latest example of her genuine passion for finding wellness and balance in her own life, and spreading that to others. In a post that she shared on Jan. 8, Thumann offered up the tested methods that she’s using to “get out of [her] post-holiday funk.”

If you’re feeling blue this January, consider trying some of the techniques that she uses to return to a better state of mind.

A morning routine

In the TikTok, Thumann’s a.m. essentials consisted of a homemade iced coffee and getting dressed and ready for a day out in Charleston, S.C., where she lives.

Incorporate movement

Following her relaxing morning at home, the 22-year-old hit the town for a cycling class with her sister. Thumann, who is a big proponent of hot girl walks, also loves a good exercise class. Reformer Pilates seems to be a favorite of hers, but cycling is clearly on the list, too.

Nourishing and delicious foods

Post-class, the YouTuber hit a coffee shop for a smoothie, a nice treat after what, we’re sure, was a hard class. She then headed to the grocery store to pick up some more of her favorite items.

Outings with family and friends

In the evening, she headed to a hockey game with her sister and a couple of friends. What’s better for getting out of a funk than time spent with the people you love?

Unconventional nighttime activities

She ended the evening with line dancing, a perhaps unconventional, but fun, way to spend time with her sister and friends. We’re sure the quirky activity was a good mood booster.

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