Fitness Coach Megan Roup’s Go-to Methods for Promoting Hormone Health

Each of these practices are a tried-and-true part of her daily routine.
Megan Roup smiles for the camera wearing a green dress and her dark brown hair in a gentle wave.

Megan Roup.

More than just a fitness coach, Megan Roup has built a brand focused on the importance of overall wellness. Though, for her, that includes regular movement, it also includes dozens of other meaningful practices, which she shares on her various social media platforms. Her most recent wellness lesson included her five go-to methods for supporting her hormone health.

“One thing I’m working on more than ever is prioritizing my hormone health,” she wrote in the caption of a recent post. “I’ve been trying to do things like support my body during my cycle with low impact movement, make time to de-stress daily, and use @veracityselfcare products, that are free from any endocrine disrupting chemicals (EDCs).”

Here are her tried-and-true daily practices:

1. Get sunlight each morning

A relatively simple task, this is imperative to maintaining a balanced hormone health. Roup makes sure to spend time outdoors each morning—a health and happiness boost in one.

2. Perform low-impact movement during your cycle

In a recent TikTok, Roup walked through how she syncs her workouts to her menstrual cycle, a technique that “can really change your relationship with movement,” she wrote in the caption. 

During your cycle, performing low-impact movement is a meaningful way of listening to your body and ensuring your physical exertion matches your energy levels.

3. Use hormone-clean skincare

Roup uses products from


, a company centered on creating hormone-clean products made with ingredients that are safe for your skin.

4. Enjoy a protein-rich breakfast

Maintaining a nutritious diet is an important piece of any wellness routine, whether you—like Roup—engage in consistent fitness or not. Starting your day off right with a high-protein breakfast can be key to maintaining energy levels throughout.

5. Take time to de-stress

No matter what your day held, stressful or not, taking a moment to reflect each day is incredibly important. Whether that moment comes in a sauna, like Roup’s, or sitting in bed before you fall asleep, building it into your day will pay dividends in the long run.

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