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Fitness Influencer Has Perfect Answer When Daughter Asks Her About Her Tummy

Katrina Scott advocates for self-love at every chapter in life.
Katrina Scott attends Fashion Island’s StyleWeekOC.

Katrina Scott attends Fashion Island’s StyleWeekOC.

Fitness influencer Katrina Scott is working on changing the narrative so her kids will grow up loving their bodies no matter what. The SI Swimsuit model posted the sweetest photo of her older daughter, Isabelle, kissing her postpartum belly. Scott and her husband, Brian, welcomed their second daughter, Colette, in May, after two years of fertility struggles.

Scott, 38, recapped her conversation with her 3-year-old in her Instagram caption.

"Mommy, do you have a baby in your belly?”

“No sweetheart,” Scott responded. “This is mommy’s belly and it’s totally normal and beautiful to look like this after having a baby… or not having a baby actually. All curves are beautiful, my love.” 

“Isabelle loved kissing my tummy when her baby sister Colette was inside… and it makes me so happy that she loves kissing my belly still… even though it’s just me inside. It was a home for her and Colette to grow🦋,” Scott wrote. 

The Tone It Up founder made her SI Swimsuit debut in 2021 and appeared in the 2022 magazine issue as the first visibly pregnant model.

Scott spoke extensively at the time about how meaningful the experience of being photographed while pregnant was. “I was talking to my mom who said years ago, when women would get pregnant, they would hide their bodies and bumps,” Scott said. “Then postpartum, they were expected to show how fast they bounced back. I feel like we’ve come a long way in recent years where maternity clothing isn’t a huge mumu. We’re not hiding our bodies. We’re wearing outfits that show your bump and show that you are pregnant. This is a time and place when women should be proud of their growing and changing bodies. It is very cool to have an extra 40 pounds on me, some cellulite and stretch marks on this shoot. My changing body was embraced. And I hope that I represent all the women at home that feel like they have to hide their body because it’s changing.”

At every new stage in her body evolution, Scott has continued to be consistent with her message of self-love. “Let’s teach our children that our bodies are beautiful no matter the chapter. Let’s not tell our girls [and boys] that they ruined our bodies while we created them… rather they made us love and appreciate our bodies even more. It’s a safe place for them,” Scott continued in her caption. “Let’s change the narrative so that our babies grow up loving themselves and the skin they’re in 🤍”