Fitness Instructor Georgina Cox Encourages Self-Love Resolutions for the New Year

Great advice for embracing yourself just as you are in 2024.
Georgina Cox

Georgina Cox.

With Jan. 1 merely two weeks away, many of us have begun to mull over our resolutions for the year ahead. Where body image is concerned, personal trainer Georgina Cox has some great advice, which she summarized in a Dec. 18 Instagram reel.

As images of the personal trainer in purple Lounge-branded lingerie flashed across the screen, so did various statements. “This year you spent... 182 days weighing yourself! 140 days letting numbers define you! 230 days wishing you didn’t have stretch marks! 285 days hiding your body from your partner! 180 days wishing your legs were smoother! 168 days hating your lower belly pooch!” read the on-screen text, before it concluded with an important suggestion: “Don’t waste another year... At war with a body that loves you 💗.”

“Imagine if in the same way we have alerts for our time spent on instagram, we had alerts for the time we have spent hating our body,” Cox mused further in her caption. “... The hours and days you spend every year at war with your body is time you will NEVER be able to get back!”

Many of the online fitness coach’s 198,000 followers piped in to the comments section to thank Cox for sharing such a refreshing point of view.

“So powerful and so beautiful, thank you so much for this 🖤🖤,” one fan wrote.

“You are so beautiful. So amazing🙌❤️,” someone else added.

“😍 so much yes! I'm learning 🙏,” another person added.

“As we go into the New Year, please remind yourself as many times as you need to that you DESERVE the same love and acceptance you give so easily to other people!” Cox added. “The hardest relationship we will ever have is with ourselves, but it’s the most important one 💜.”

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