Haley Kalil Celebrates Her Cellulite in Gorgeous Swimsuit Photo From Vacation

The model and entrepreneur encourages her followers to embrace their bodies as they are.

SI Swimsuit model Haley Kalil shared photos of herself on Instagram with her cellulite on full display, and fans and followers have found her honesty refreshing.

In the body positive post, Kalil shared three photos in which she’s seen perched on the side of a red kayak, rocking a black one-piece swimsuit. In one, she smiles for the camera, while flashing a peace sign in another.

The co-winner of  the 2018 SI Swimsuit Swim Search said in her caption, “I originally didn’t want to post these because you can see cellulite…. But then I thought WHO GIVES A FLYING F. Its just my body. So here they are 😎.”

The comments section of the post is full of fans and followers praising Kalil for depicting what a real woman’s body looks like. “All I see is a beautiful woman having fun on the water. Anybody that sees any different has issues,” said one, while another person commented, “This is normal, cellulite, stretch marks, and all kinda scars. All unique and part of who you are. We should be proud ladies.”

Plenty of women shared their gratitude to Kalil for keeping it real and not shying away from sharing the images. “Love you for posting this. Normalizes for everyone! Thank you!” said one follower, while another fan commented, “Everyone has cellulite! It’s just what skin and bodies do. Let’s normalize it! You look gorgeous and happy!”

Kalil followed up her fun-filled vacation post with a video showing close-ups of her face, legs, arms and stomach, saying it’s time to “normalize the female body.”

“Dear beauty industry, Get over it. #selflove #bodypositivity,” she captioned her post.

The model is also founder of The Nerd Herd, a brand that empowers women to love and embrace both their bodies and minds while educating young women in STEM.

“I’ve faced many stereotypes in my career as a Sports Illustrated model. There’s an expectation that if you have a career focused around your looks, you can’t also be intelligent,” Kalil said in an interview with Future of Business in Tech. “I wanted to show young women that you can be both things. You don’t have to shun femininity to be a nerd, and you don’t have to act dumb for the sake of femininity.”

She added, “The Nerd Herd is all about showing that duality and embracing your intelligence. We want to empower women to love and embrace their bodies and their minds.”

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Cara O’Bleness


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