How to Change Your Perspective Around Exercise According to Katie Austin

The fitness influencer and health coach says this mindset shift will make all the difference.

Katie Austin. 

It is easy to get into negative or unhealthy grooves when it comes to regular exercise and movement. However, according to fitness influencer Katie Austin, those negative feelings can be addressed and a more positive attitude toward working out adopted with just one mindset shift. In an Instagram post on Sept. 17, the health and wellness guru shared three key pieces of that mindset shift.

Progress Over Perfection 

In order to “change your entire mindset around working out,” the former Division I lacrosse player said that the most important idea to keep in mind is that of “progress over perfection.”

Since perfection is impossible to achieve, focusing on the progress that you are making—in anything, but particularly in exercise—is of the utmost importance for maintaining a healthy mindset.

Focus on the Positive

Just as it can be easy to focus on the negatives in life when times are tough, it can be easy to focus on the negatives in exercise and movement when you aren’t seeing results. Often, we become preoccupied with what we aren’t doing—or aren’t doing right—rather than what we are doing.

“Instead of thinking to yourself all the things you need to stop doing or getting mad at yourself for setting unrealistic perfect expectations—focus on your progress,” Austin wrote in the post.

It’s About Adding Not Subtracting

In lieu of huge changes to your regimen—which are harder to make—Austin urges making small changes, which will ultimately translate into results.

Focus on “adding in small daily habits,” she said on Instagram. “It’s about adding to your life, not subtracting … do your best and the rest will follow.”

The model is well-known for her versatile workout routines, as well as sharing her healthy mindset and wellness tips on her website and her various social media channels. This latest clip is just one example of the great advice that she offers her followers and those who subscribe to her workout regimen.

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