How to Find Freedom With Food, According to Melissa Wood-Tepperberg

The workout and wellness leader opened up about her journey in a recent Instagram post.
Melissa Wood-Tepperberg poses in a metallic sports bra and wears her wavy brown hair down.

Melissa Wood-Tepperberg.

We have always appreciated workout and wellness leader Melissa Wood-Tepperberg for her honesty when it comes to food, exercise and overall wellness. She is, much like the rest of us, on a journey with it all, and we always value her updates—they’re inspiring!

Her latest wellness post was no exception. The newly 41-year-old took to her Instagram account to share her experience finding freedom with food and adopting intuitive eating practices. While we know everyone is different, we believe her take on the process is meaningful for anyone who aspires to have to a better relationship with food to hear.

According to the wellness leader, “Lifting labels and leaning full force into what my body intuitively needs is how I found my own freedom with food,” she shared in the caption of the post. “It took a long time to get here after realizing it was never the food I had an issue with…it was my relationship with self that needed some strengthening.”

Wood-Tepperberg is the host of a podcast called Move with Heart, where she takes a deeper dive into her personal experience with fitness, wellness and nutrition, and talks to several of her mentors along the way. If you’re looking to hear more from Wood-Tepperberg regarding her food journey, check out her 2022 episode, “Food Freedom.” Moreover, according to her post, she will “be diving in deeper [into the topic] in such a bigger way in the New Year.” We look forward to learning more from her.

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Martha Zaytoun


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