Kate Upton’s Trainer Named This One-Handed 40 Pound Dumbbell Move the ‘Kate Press’

The supermodel and mom of one showed off her impressive strength during her latest outdoor workout.
Kate Upton

Kate Upton.

Kate Upton has been hitting the gym for years and getting so strong that her trainer is naming moves after her! The model, who is best known for her three SI Swimsuit cover appearances in 2012, ’13 and ’17, showed off her super impressive weight lifting skills in a recent video shared by fitness coach Ben Bruno, the Michigan native’s longtime trainer.

The 31-year-old rocked a color-blocked pink-and-burgundy leggings and sports bra set as she nailed her outdoor workout. She held a 40 pound weight in one hand, while using the other for support and lifting it up in the air above her head. She released her second hand, making the move much more difficult, and slowly lowered the weight with her elbow bent and other arm extended to the side.

“Here’s @kateupton casually pressing a 40-pound dumbbell using the ‘2 up/1 down’ technique. Strong 💪We actually call this the ‘Kate Press’ because 1) she’s really good at it and 2) she unknowingly ‘invented’ it like eight years ago,” Bruno shared. “We were doing regular 1-arm overhead press but overshot the weight a little bit, and she reflexively used two hands to press the weight up. At first I corrected her, but then I thought, ‘that’s actually a great idea,’ and we’ve been doing it ever since.”

He added that this variation allows overloading the “eccentric portion of the rep” since it allows the use of use a heavier weight than you’d be able to lift up with only one arm. Bruno noted that it provides benefits and sculpting for the abs and shoulders, as well.

“I’d actually classify this as much as a core exercise as a pressing exercise because you have to brace like crazy to avoid side bending as you lower the dumbbell down. It’s fine to use a little leg drive to get the weight up, but the key is to lower the dumbbell down slowly,” he continued. “Give it a try, but maybe not with 40 pounds quite yet…”

Upton, who is married to MLB pitcher Justin Verlander, shares daughter Genevieve with the Houston Astros player.

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