Kate Winslet Takes a Stand Against Stereotypes About Aging

The 47-year-old actress says the 40s have been her “sexiest, most powerful” decade.
Kate Winslet.

Kate Winslet.

Kate Winslet is changing the ridiculous narrative that says a woman’s life ends after 40. The actress was just 22 when she played Rose in the 1997 film Titanic opposite Leonardo DiCaprio. Now, at 47, she continues to be a dominant force in Hollywood, taking on career-defining roles and embracing the process.

“I think women come into their 40s—certainly mid-40s—and think, Oh, this is the beginning of the decline…things start to change and fade in directions that I don’t want them to go in anymore,” she said during BBC’s Woman’s Hour. “But I’ve decided, no. We become more woman, more powerful, more sexy….we grow into ourselves more. We have opportunities to speak our mind and not be afraid of what people think of us. Not care what we look like so much.” 

In her recent critically acclaimed performance in HBO’s Mare of Easttown, she stripped down to a makeup-free, natural version of herself with overgrown roots, casual, homey clothing and visible smile, or frown, lines.

Winslet knows that aging is a beautiful thing and if men can celebrate growing old and gray and be admired for it, women have every right to do the same.

“Let’s go girls, and let’s be in our power,” she said. “Why not? Life is too flipping short.”

Winslet is also working on debunking the perfect and polished “Hollywood woman” ideal.

“I do want to say to any woman who is trying to emulate a Hollywood look: it’s a myth. It’s honestly a myth. Women on the red carpet have been sat in hair and make-up for four hours to look like that and probably had facials every day during the week in the run up to the event,” she added. “I know because I’ve been there and had that many facials. It’s a moment in time. For me, the secret to aging at any age, in Hollywood or not, is actually accepting who you are and accepting that we can’t fight change. Sure, we can do things to support our health and our skin, to feel a little bit better and make ourselves last a bit longer. But for me, it’s about beauty coming from within and not being so self critical—it’s a big deal.”

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