This Katie Austin-Approved Exercise Will Target and Tone Your Obliques in the Best Way

Strengthen your core and maximize your stability with the fitness instructor’s latest recommended move.
Katie Austin

Katie Austin.

In recent years, with the help of social media and technology, the fitness industry has made working out easier than ever. Thanks to virtual coaches like California-based instructor Katie Austin, who crafts at-home and on-the-go workouts for squeezing into busy schedules and little-to-no space, getting a little bit of movement in on a regular basis is achievable—and, in many cases, fun.

Austin’s fitness app and social media channels offer both full routines—ranging from beginner to advanced and spanning all different movement types—and demonstrations of individual movements that will take your exercise regimen to the next level.

The latest move that she recommended you add into your routine the next time you hit the mat is relatively simple, but extremely effective. Austin has simply dubbed it a “side plank leg lift and side crunch.”

Side plank leg lift and side crunch

It’s performed exactly as it sounds: start in a modified side plank with one knee down on the mat; lift your other leg toward the ceiling; lower back down and pull your knee in toward your midline, bringing your elbow to meet it in a crunch position.

“This is THE move for you if you’ve been trying to target your obliques and make your core so strong,” she said in an Instagram demonstration. “Today’s New Move Monday: Side Plank Leg Lift + Side Crunch will have you working on your stabilizing muscles and help you really sculpt your outer thighs & glutes too!!”

If you’re looking to build core strengthen and stability, there is no better move to incorporate.

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Martha Zaytoun


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