Katie Austin Shares 4 Best Ab Moves For Building Core Strength

The former college athlete knows how to craft a workout for the best burn.
Katie Austin.

Katie Austin.

Former Division I athlete Katie Austin knows her way around a gym. Her experience training to play lacrosse at USC taught her much in the way of crafting the perfect workout. With that knowledge, she has created a whole platform dedicated to workouts and nutrition meant to help you keep your fitness up in the most seamless way possible.

For Austin, that usually means sharing exercises that can be done without equipment and just about anywhere at any time. But sometimes she likes to throw a more gym-oriented routine in the mix for those of her followers who like to incorporate more equipment-based exercises into their rotations.

On Aug. 31, the influencer shared a short four-move ab routine that she likes to add into her typical gym equipment-focused fitness. Austin donned a gray-blue sports bra and biker shorts to perform the quick set, which included knee raise to straight leg raise, TRX pikes, ab roll outs and medicine ball sit up tosses.

“4 BEST AB MOVES TO TRY AT THE GYM💪 fueled by my fav @celsiusofficial 🔥 save this next time you’re challenging yourself at the gym!!!!” she captioned the post featuring the quick and simple routine. 

“Love this!!!!!!! Also I want to try that flav,” fellow SI Swim model Christen Harper commented, referencing the “Peach Vibe” Celsius that Austin was sipping on in the clip.

“WOW!!!!! Xoxo,” her mom and fellow fitness influencer Denise Austin sweetly gushed.

“Wow that energy is AMAZING,” one fan added.

Though the 29-year-old has tons of workouts that are perfect for on-the-go activity, she likes to include some movement that requires a bit more planning. “Try these challenging ab moves the next time you’re at the gym,” she urged her followers in the video. For stronger abs, check out Austin’s different offerings, including this four-move burner.

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