Katie Austin’s Most Recent 5 Move Total-Body Strength Workout Is ‘Efficient and Effective’

The fitness influencer has the perfect routine for your busy schedule.
Katie Austin.

Katie Austin.

Fall always seems to slip by, but with the new season comes a return to school for many and a return to a more structured routine—whatever that may be—for most. As a result, it often feels as though there is little time to keep up the wellness habits that we developed during periods of downtime or leisure.

With that in mind, fitness influencer Katie Austin focuses on crafting the best and most effective quick workouts that anyone—no matter how busy—can fit into their schedule. Her most recent total-body strength and sculpt promises to work your muscles effectively in just 15 minutes.

“Total body strength + sculpt🔥 if you’re low on time but want to make sure you’re getting in an efficient and effective workout, try this!!! Combining dynamic moves that work more than one major muscle group at once👏,” she captioned the short clip that she shared to her Instagram.

The routine is composed of five weighted moves: alternating reverse lunge to bicep curl, curtsy lunge with overhead press, single-leg Romanian deadlift to arm row, squat to cross crunch and deadlift to front raise. Austin recommended performing each move for 35 seconds with 25 seconds of rest in between and repeating the whole set three times.

While many of her workouts are composed of bodyweight exercises, her most recent set adds weights to take things up a notch. Even with the added challenge, the routine is still versatile and efficient, requiring only a quarter of an hour of your busy schedule.

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Martha Zaytoun


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