Katie Austin’s Treadmill Interval Workout Is a Full-Body Challenge

How to incorporate strength training into your next cardio session.
Katie Austin

Katie Austin.

If you’re on the lookout for a challenging treadmill workout, you’re in luck. Certified fitness trainer Katie Austin just shared her intense interval routine on Instagram, and it combines cardio and strength training for a full-body burn.

“WERE BACK with another intense interval treadmill + strength workout!! You guys love these so here’s another REALLL SPICY ONE🔥,” the health coach wrote in her Dec. 4 caption. “Each set has a cardio move (the tread), a booty focused exercise, an abs burner, and an upper body strength move. Set 1 is all standing, set 2 is floor, set 3 is combo.”

Follow along to train just like the SI Swimsuit model with this routine:

1. Treadmill run

Run for 90 seconds on the treadmill at 6.5 speed.

2. Gorilla rows, double pulse reverse lunge and standing cross crunch

Complete each of the three moves for 35 seconds.

3. Treadmill run

Get back on the treadmill for another 90 second sprint.

4. Weight dodge V ins, plank rows and hip bridges

Complete each of the three moves for 35 seconds.

5. Treadmill run

Last time! Run for 90 seconds.

6. Bicep curl to press, side lunges and straight suitcase sit-ups

Complete each of the moves for 35 seconds.

Not only is this a great workout to follow at the gym, but as Austin noted in her caption, it’s incredibly customizable. So, you can personalize the workout with treadmill speeds or repeat any sets you’d like.

“Your workouts are practical and doable for busy working moms like me, thank you for being so down to earth! ❤️,” one of Austin’s 402,000 IG followers cheered.

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