Katrina Scott’s 12 Healthy Habits for Spring Are Easy to Implement

The two-time SI Swimsuit star motivated her Instagram followers with a seasonal list.
Katrina Scott

Katrina Scott.

Entrepreneur and mom of two Katrina Scott took to Instagram on March 12 to share her healthy habits for the spring season. And with the first day of spring less than a week away, her tips could not have come at a better time. 

The 40-year-old podcast host and two-time SI Swimsuit star noted that she hopes to achieve her goals by being more mindful and spending less time scrolling. Scott’s list included the following:

  1. Incorporating matcha lattes instead of coffee.
  2. Stretching for five minutes before a workout. 
  3. Focusing on strength training three times a week, “including a lot of single leg exercises for balance! Plus tons of core and pelvic floor exercises.”
  4. Being consistent with supplements and morning smoothies. 
  5. Journaling “in front of a window or in direct sunlight for vitamin D, increased serotonin, and improved sleep quality.” 
  6. Continuing to implement practices like switching from plastic to glass containers that are better for the earth.
  7. Practicing deep breathing exercises. “I’ve been taking at least 60 seconds of deep breaths to help with stress, blood pressure, and feelings of anxiousness.”
  8. Practicing positive self-talk. “Give yourself grace and know that you are worthy of happiness, self-forgiveness, compassion and kindness.”
  9. Cleaning around the house for five minutes each morning and evening. 
  10. Trying to lend a helping hand every day. “No matter what it is, healing ourselves can be achieved in helping others each day.”
  11. Reading more “instead of scrolling… which I think is something we’re all working towards.”
  12. Using “night shift” on devices in the evening. 
Katrina Scott

Katrina Scott.

Plenty of Scott’s 431,000 Instagram followers chimed in with their own healthy habits for spring in the comments, which ranged from “focusing on strength training and eating more fresh fruits” to “implement[ing] daily affirmations.”

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