Kayla Itsines Offers Wise Advice for When You’re Lacking Motivation to Work Out

Building small and sustainable habits is key, according to the trainer.
Kayla Itsines

Kayla Itsines.

Getting your fitness routine under control is certainly a physical challenge. Whether you’re starting to exericse for the first time or you’re trying to ramp up your training, it won’t always be easy.

But what we don’t always consider is that ramping up your fitness is also a mental challenge. Motivating yourself to head to the gym or hit the mat at home is often difficult. According to Australian fitness instructor Kayla Itsines, “you can’t rely solely on motivation to help you achieve your fitness goals,” she said in a recent Instagram post.

The key, then, is to build “small and sustainable habits” that will “[keep] you on track to reaching your goals” when you’re feeling particularly unmotivated, she noted. But there are other little tips and tricks that can help, too, according to the trainer.

Consider the following advice, courtesy of Itsines:

  1. Get clear on your fitness “why”
  2. Set small and attainable goals
  3. Find a type of fitness you ENJOY!
  4. Listen to music or podcasts that motivate you
  5. Find a community that is on the same journey who understands and can SUPPORT you
  6. Everything in moderation—remember, balance is key!

If you’re struggling to find motivation for your fitness regimen, look no further than her content, which is both motivational and practical. Plus, if you’re looking for workouts that you do enjoy, consider trying out Itsines’s at-home, on-demand workouts. As the co-founder and an instructor on the Sweat App, she is always curating and releasing new routines that could help you on your fitness journey.

Martha Zaytoun


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