Megan Roup’s 3-Minute Ab Routine Is the Perfect Travel Day Fix

You can perform this set with little to no equipment and minimal space.
Megan Roup

Megan Roup.

Travel days have a tendency to disrupt our schedules. Oftentimes, they can get us completely out of whack—altering productivity, movement and nutrition. But, with the help of Megan Roup, traveling doesn’t have to cause so much confusion to our daily routine.

Sometimes, when we spend the whole day sitting on an airplane or in a car, all we want to do once we get off is stretch our legs and get in some movement. But, often, we’re too tired for anything too intensive. Roup understands—and experiences—these same sentiments. As a result, she has created quick sessions that are perfect for post-travel movements on the go.

Whether you’ve arrived home from a few days away or you’ve just gotten to a vacation or work destination, her three-minute ab routine can be performed just about anywhere. The sequence is a burner and, though she uses (easily portable) sliders, it can be performed without any equipment at all. All you really need is your phone (to follow along with the set) and a little bit of space (for example, Roup performed it in a hotel room).

Like several of her sets, Roup demonstrated the whole thing in a plank position. So, in addition to getting a sweat on and building ab strength, you’ll also get some shoulder work in during this quick three-minute routine.

You don’t need to wait until you travel to perform this set, either. It’s a good option if you’re pressed for time, too.

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Martha Zaytoun


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