Melissa Wood-Tepperberg Reveals the Best Way to Maximize the Effects of Your Workout

The wellness leader suggested that prioritizing meditation, in addition to movement, is of the utmost importance.
Melissa Wood-Tepperberg poses in a metallic top and diamond necklaces.

Melissa Wood-Tepperberg.

Melissa Wood-Tepperberg is so much more than just a workout and wellness leader. The entrepreneur is the founder of her own health and wellness company, MWH, which is focused on all things healthy living. From sharing her favorite nutritious recipes and quick and versatile workouts to overall health coaching tips, her content is geared toward maximizing movement and mindfulness.

In that vein, Wood-Tepperberg headed to her health-focused Instagram account on Oct. 16 to share a helpful tip for maximizing your workouts. Rather than just focusing on the routine itself, she said, focus also on your mindset. Wood-Tepperberg recommended practicing meditation on top of your go-to physical exercises.

“Making time for meditation in addition to your physical training can drastically improve your emotional well-being,” she wrote in the caption of her post. “It reduces stress, anxiety and can improve cognitive functioning. It’s easy to train your body but if you’re not training your mind alongside it then you’re not really getting the full effect. MWH was designed to transform your body and your mind. It’s a lifestyle that will change the way you look at the world. Are you ready for it? What will you commit to this week?”

Her health platform provides workout classes and guided meditation routines that are designed to be taken on your own time in your own home. Additionally, Wood-Tepperberg often posts versatile bodyweight routines to her social media accounts, perfect for prioritizing movement with a busy schedule. On top of all of that, she regularly reminds her followers that mindfulness and meditation are key to making the most of your training.

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Martha Zaytoun


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