Melissa Wood-Tepperberg’s Standing Arms and Abs Sequence Fit for Anytime, Anywhere

The workout and wellness leader shared another effective, versatile routine perfect for those with busy schedules.
Melissa Wood-Tepperberg poses in front of a white backdrop in a silver v-neck dress and a messy up-do.

Melissa Wood-Tepperberg.

Workout and wellness leader Melissa Wood-Tepperberg is always offering easy tips and tricks for fitting meaningful workout routines into your busy schedule. Most of the sets that she shares to her personal social media account—as well as her MWH account—provide followers the flexibility to work out whenever and wherever they want, requiring only a mat and weights (if you choose to add them).

On Sept. 29, she took to Instagram to share her most recent versatile workout: a standing arms and abs routine. Wearing a chic color block bra and leggings set, Wood-Tepperberg demonstrated each of the moves using hand weights and shared instructions that dictated how many reps to complete.

The circuit including the following three moves:

Plié arms and abs 

Wood-Tepperberg stood on her mat in a sumo squat position and performed a standing side crunch. She recommended doing 20 reps of these.

Elbow-to-knee dancer pose

Standing up straight, she twisted to one side and lifted her knee to meet her opposite elbow. She then extended the opposite arm and leg, keeping her foot elevated off the ground. She did 20 of these in total.

Elbow-to-waist extensions

Lastly, she held her arms with her palms facing up and alternately extended her arms straight out and brought her bent elbows to her side. Like the other two exercises, she performed this move 20 times.

"Learning to squeeze it in when you have a moment available to you, is a real superpower,” Wood-Tepperberg wrote in the caption. “This standing arms & abs sequence can literally be done anywhere (I’ve done this combo in the airport, the park, & the pool).”

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