Model Georgia Gibbs Reveals Her Simple Secret to Maintaining White Teeth

The Australian’s oil-based method is cheap and has stood the test of time.
Georgia Gibbs.

Georgia Gibbs.

Most beauty tips and tricks shared on social media, while containing good advice for addressing different problems that you might want to address, often come at a significant cost. Whether involving buying an expensive product or spending the time and money on a cleansing or clarifying procedure, much of the advice isn’t achievable.

Aware of this fact, model Georgia Gibbs took to Instagram on Sept. 27 to offer a cheap and sustainable beauty hack that she has been following for three years now. Rather than spending her money on expensive teeth whitening products or services, the Australian opts for a natural and inexpensive product that most people have access to on a daily basis. She just uses coconut oil to keep her teeth white.

“I quit zoom whitening 3 years ago ✨,” she wrote in the caption of her short clip. According to the model, what is known as “oil pulling,” or whitening teeth using oil is “really, really, really cheap” and has been a “tradition for a millennia.” And it’s easy, using the four steps below.

Pick your oil of choice

Gibbs uses coconut oil, but other kinds of household oils will work as well.

Measure out a tablespoon

Before you go to brush your teeth at night, take a tablespoon of your chosen oil and put it in your mouth.

Swish it around 

Gibbs recommends doing this for five to 20 minutes. Make sure not to swallow it in the process.

Brush your teeth

After the minutes have elapsed, spit the oil out, rinse your mouth and brush your teeth as you normally would.

Next time you go to reach for a box of teeth whitening supplies at the store, consider opting for the more natural, inexpensive method instead. As Gibbs said in the video, “There’s a reason people have been doing things for thousands of years.”

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