The Simple Hack That Melissa Wood-Tepperberg Swears By for Maintaining Her Blood Sugar Levels

The key to managing her anxiety, according to the wellness leader, is regulating her blood sugar on a daily basis.
Melissa Wood-Tepperberg

Melissa Wood-Tepperberg.

For Melissa Wood-Tepperberg, stabilizing her blood sugar on a daily basis plays a big role in reducing her anxiety, too.

That’s why, when she spoke with Dr. Ellen Vora on a yet-to-be-released episode of her podcast, Move With Heart, she solicited advice for regulating her blood sugar. According to the psychiatrist, stabilizing blood sugar—and thus minimizing anxiety—can be as simple as consuming a small spoonful of clean nut butter or a handful of nuts during the day.

“We’re all on the blood sugar roller coaster because our diets are refined carbohydrates and coffee drinks that are secretly milkshakes,” Dr. Vora said. “So, when our blood sugar crashes, we have a stress response and can feel anxiety or even panic.”

Thankfully, as we mentioned above, all it takes is a little bit of almond butter to “keep your blood sugar stable” and prevent “a blood sugar crash.”

“Stabilizing my blood sugar has MASSIVELY helped reduce so much anxiety in my life,” Wood-Tepperberg admitted in the caption of an Instagram reel featuring Dr. Vora. “When I’m feeling low and need a boost I take a tsp of CLEAN almond butter, or nut butter or a handful of nuts and the shift you will feel is real.”

It might sound too simple to be effective, but the fact of the matter is, what we eat can have a big effect on our general functioning—including, of course, our feelings of anxiety. If you struggle to maintain your blood sugar, we recommend taking Dr. Vora’s advice and trying this simple trick.

Martha Zaytoun


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