Sixtine Gets Candid About the Body Positivity Movement

The model shared her thoughts on recent misdirection within the movement itself.
Sixtine sports a red lip and oversized silver hoops and looks over her shoulder at the camera.


For model Sixtine, talking about body neutrality is far more helpful than discussing body positivity. Though she “has been a body positivity influencer as well as a ‘plus-size’ model for the last five years,” she believes that the movement as a whole has taken a bit of a wrong turn in recent times, she said in a new TikTok clip.

The misdirection is something that she has termed the “fat and happy phenomenon.” According to the model, “whenever you are a plus-size creator, plus-size model, body positivity creator, or simply anyone who is existing in a body that’s bigger than a four and is talking about loving yourself and body positivity or whatever, you constantly have to prove that you’re what I call ‘fat and happy.’ You constantly have to prove that you’re happy about it.”

The girls who “are just existing and being hot [are] the tiny girls,” while “the bigger girls or the girls who talk about body positivity are the ones who are constantly proving to their audience” that “they’re happy not existing in a size zero body,” she explained.

With that being said, Sixtine assured her audience that she sees the merits of body positivity, and those who consider themselves advocates for it. “The movement as a whole [has] been extremely helpful for a lot of people,” she acknowledged.

But, at the end of the day, she thinks the recent phenomenon of drawing a distinction between plus-size models and size 0 models—particularly when it comes to the kinds of photos and content they share on social media—has not helped to “normalize plus-size bodies.” In fact, it will be impossible to do so “if we constantly talk about it in a way that we’re differentiating ourselves from a size zero,” she said.

Calling attention to size differences has been detrimental to the conversation. “The more we have made it a big thing, we’ve pushed people further away from it, and that’s why we’re going back to the days of ‘thin is in,’” she explained. “It is a lot more helpful for me to just exist as I am, posting my little outfits, doing my little ‘get ready with me’ [videos],” rather than constantly talking about body positivity on her social channels.

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Martha Zaytoun


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