This Simple 6-Move Workout Is Guaranteed to Sculpt Your Upper Body, According to Katie Austin

Build your strength with just a light set of weights and the fitness instructor’s demonstration.
Katie Austin.

Katie Austin.

Fitness influencer Katie Austin is currently traveling around the country on her second official Katie Austin Workout Tour. But for those of you who may live too far from her destinations to make the trip, no need to worry. Despite her busy four cities in four days schedule, the fitness coach is continuing to bring her highly touted at-home workout sessions straight to you via social media.

Austin’s most recent at-home weighted workout is the perfect set to tone your whole upper body, including your arms, shoulders, chest and back.

The workout, which she deems the “best upper body sculpting workout,” includes a total of six weighted moves, which Austin repeated three times each. One set is composed of 12 serve the platter to bicep curls, 16 tricep extensions, 12 back flys, 16 chest openers, 16 alternating front and lateral raises and 20 tricep kickback pulses.

“Want a simple quick workout to sculpt your arms, shoulders, chest AND back?! grab some light weights and TRY THIS👏,” she urged in the caption of the Instagram reel that demonstrated the workout.

Though she introduced weights into this quick workout, it is just as simple and versatile as her other strength-building routines. All you need is a little space and a simple set of light weights to start building your arm strength. So, whether you had a chance to workout with Austin live or not, the fitness guru is giving you a chance to work out any time, any where.

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Martha Zaytoun


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