Camille Kostek’s Advice on Setting Goals for the New Year

The model, influencer and TV host loves using her platform to inspire and encourage other women to chase their dreams love themselves.
Camille Kostek

Camille Kostek.

SI Swimsuit model and TV host Camille Kostek is full of good advice. From repeating daily affirmations and her self-love tips to being open about her body-positivity journey and speaking relationship truths, the 2019 cover star isn’t afraid to connect deeply with her social media following—in fact, that is her goal and passion.

The Connecticut native, who is a former New England Patriots cheerleader, is a ray of sunshine and has been with the brand for six consecutive years, since she was discovered through the Swim Search open casting call in 2018.

Today, she is a swimwear and jewelry designer, a dog mom, an influencer and is dedicated to giving back to her community alongside her boyfriend and NFL star Rob Gronkowski.

Kostek went live on the SI Swimsuit Instagram account and shared tons of tips on starting the new year off with a bang and living up to your potential.

“You know that I’m an open book and I like to talk especially when it comes to girl talk,” the 31-year-old began. “The energy that so many of you bring and the people that I’ve connected with through this platform has been really  beautiful for me. It’s kind of wild how many years I’ve been involved with Sports Illustrated. This was a lifelong dream and every year that I get the callback to be a part of this brand—it makes me feel like a kid. I feel a lot of happiness. I feel a lot of gratefulness. And a big part of it is that it allows me to continue to be in this community with all of you.”

She’s truly full of tons of valuable information, and we have pulled out some of her favorite tidbits about setting New Year’s resolutions from her latest inspiring and motivating conversation.

Her personal 2023 goals

“A New Year’s Resolution for me for 2023 was doing things that bring me joy and letting go of things that didn’t bring me joy. As simple, but as complicated as that was, it was so helpful in cultivating such a better energy for me this year,” she shared.

Kostek noted she can confidently say she achieved that goal this year, and only said yes to things that truly fulfilled her.

“I felt that I wasn’t wasting a lot of energy on people or things or events that maybe deep down I didn’t really want to do in the past. It just saved me a lot of time, it saved me a lot of energy, which are two things that are very precious that we have in this life,” she continued. “Every time something came up and I just wasn’t sure if it was something that I wanted to be a part of or do, I just thought to myself, does it serve me? Does it bring me joy?”

Tips for setting resolutions in 2024

Kostek said goals might always seem like they have to be big and outwardly noticeable, or something you can share with others, like changes to your appearance or a new job. But, in fact, some of the most valuable and rewarding goals to achieve are those that are internal.

“It can be a feeling. It can be being more joyful. It can be feeling true love. It can be feeling true happiness,” she suggested. “Taking time for yourself is major for your mental, emotional, physical health.”

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