The $10 Eye Patches That Molly Sims Uses for Quick Rejuvenation

For everyday use or moments in the spotlight, they provide the model with the perfect brightening boost.
On the left, Molly Sims smiles at the camera wearing a red high-neck silk dress. On the right, there is a blue and white pack of Talika Eye Therapy Patches.

Molly Sims and Talika Eye Therapy Patch.

Dark and puffy under eyes tell all. Didn’t sleep? Been traveling? The sensitive skin under your eyes has a habit of expressing just what you’ve been up lately. And while there are far worse things than having others know you had a restless night of sleep, when you have plans, puffy, dark circles can be means of dampening a meticulous face of glam.

Model Molly Sims knows this to be true. That’s why, when faced with an important event and wanting to look her best, she turns to Talika Eye Therapy Patches ($10.95). Earlier this week, the 50-year-old shared a photo of herself wearing the brightening patches as she got ready for a speaking engagement at an Adweek event in New York City. While many skin correctors do much in the way of getting rid of darkness and imperfections, sometimes you just need a little bit of an extra boost—an that’s exactly what these under eye patches provide. 

Talika Eye Therapy Patch, $10.95 (

These Sims-approved under eye patches promise to smooth, brighten, de-puff and moisturize the skin under your eyes. They are ideal for everyday use and special occasions alike.

As the founder of her own clean beauty company,

YSE Beauty

, Sims knows what it takes to make a quality product. And, she knows how to prioritize skincare, too. Her Instagram profile is full of tips, tricks and product recommendations meant for enhancing your natural features in the cleanest way possible.

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