Watch: Emily DiDonato’s Relatable Plea for Cute Hairstyles While in Your 30s

The SI Swimsuit model asked her TikTok community for advice.
Emily DiDonato

Emily DiDonato.

We love it when SI Swimsuit models remind us that they’re just like the rest of us. Even the most glamorous of women struggle to style their hair on occasion.

Six-time magazine star Emily DiDonato got real on the subject of hair-care in a recent TikTok. She started her video by asking the hairstylist community to weigh in on her question targeted to those aged 30 and up.

“So this is my natural texture, and I like it,” DiDonato said, while showing off her wavy locks. “It’s kind of like a frizzy wave, and I used to go out in my early 20s like this all the time. But for some reason, I’m 32 now, it feels just like a little bit too disheveled for me.”

The soon-to-be mom of two then showed a photo of Jennifer Lopez on screen with her hair styled in perfectly sleek curls. She stated that when she does a similar style or even a traditional blowout, she “feels too old.”

“What I really want is like this,” DiDonato continued, pointing to a photo of actress Sienna Miller on the screen behind her. “You can tell it’s done, but not super done, and she’s still looks cool and youthful, but I do not know how to achieve this look.”

“Calling @jenatkinhair and any other hair experts plz tell me how to make my hair cool in my 30s lol,” the model wrote in the caption of her post. 

Plenty of DiDonato’s followers concurred in the comments section about the coveted look.

“Yes! Or how to make your natural waves less frizzy without too much styling and more like a Parisian I woke up like this look,’” one person wrote.

“I literally had this thought this morning… are we doing the clean Rachel, beach waves, or cool girl bend? I feel lost @therealemilydidonato,” fellow SI Swimsuit model Katrina Scott agreed.

“This is the hardest look for us girlies with lots of hair,” two-time SI Swimsuit star Sara Sampaio added. “I have to straight it first, then wave it in a very specific way.”

“Try the Bondi boost 3 wave curler!” a fan recommended.

“After washing your hair, blowdry it, semi-straighten, put it up in a twist/pineapple bun, secure with a tie and leave like that for an hour or so,” another person suggested.

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