Emma Chamberlain Masters Edgy Eye Makeup for Paris Fashion Week

The influencer leaned into the drama for her Alexander McQueen fashion show appearance.
Emma Chamberlain

Emma Chamberlain.

Emma Chamberlain showed up to Paris Fashion Week primed and ready to make a statement. The social media star was fresh off an appearance at Milan Fashion Week—and a really stylish one at that. But Italy didn’t exhaust her high fashion sensibilities. She traveled from the Mediterranean country to the City of Lights and brought her good sense of style with her.  

As with pretty much everything that she does—her popular YouTube channel, her coffee brand, etc.—her appearances at high fashion events are the epitome of all or nothing. She doesn’t simply put on a designer outfit and call it a day. She always sports the hairstyle (or even hair color) and makeup to match.

Perhaps the best example of this of late was her look for the Alexander McQueen fall/winter fashion show on March 2. Sure, she had the fashion down to a T: she showed up in a bright yellow ruched mini dress with a really unique sleeve detail and black pointed heels. Don’t get us wrong, we loved the dress, but we were definitely more struck by her glam than her look.

The influencer paired her mini with a full face of makeup, which included really dramatic black eye makeup and a matte pink lip. She even went so far as to dye her short hair black for the appearance.

Needless to say, she knows how to lean into a dramatic look—and one, too, that most people simply couldn’t pull off.

Martha Zaytoun


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