Kate Bock Proves Nude Nails Are in for Pre-Spring

Warmer weather calls for a brighter manicure, and the model has delivered.
Kate Bock

Kate Bock.

Kate Bock has spoken. If you’re heading to the nail salon soon, she has just made the case for embracing a nude hue for your next manicure.

Winter is waning, so there’s no longer a need to lean into the blacks, browns and deep reds that the cold weather so often demands. Pre-spring (as we’ve decided to call this ambiguous period when the days oscillate between warm and cold) calls for a change in our fashion and beauty choices. For Bock, that started with her nails.

The American model put her perfectly shaped and painted nails on display in a recent makeup reel. We started watching for her beauty picks, but we continued watching for more glances of her simple, sophisticated nail choice.

This past winter saw the model sport the obligatory wintertime red—a seasonal favorite if ever there was one. But the weather is changing, and so are the model’s beauty picks. 

You might not think a nude nail look worth commenting on, but Bock’s certainly is. It’s not simply an almost-clear sheen. Instead, she really went for an almost tan-nude shade at her last manicure appointment. It’s subtle enough to go with any and all of her high-fashion choices, but noticeable enough to elevate those same looks. What more could you ask for in a manicure?

All of this is to say, nude or tan nails (or however you want to refer to it) might just be the thing to spring for as the weather warms. At least, Bock thinks so.

Martha Zaytoun


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