Kate Love Embraces Beige Manicure for Early Summer

The Canadian model is known to sport a good neutral.
Kate Love
Kate Love / Alexander Tamargo/Getty Images

Spring and summer neutrals are never a bad idea. If you need proof, look no further than Canadian model Kate Love. The 36-year-old has absolutely mastered sleek neutral style. From her everyday looks to her evening outfits, she can often be found in the best whites, creams and beiges that seasonal fashion has to offer.

The same is not always true of her nails. She has been known to embrace a bright seasonal manicure, like a fiery red. But right now, she’s letting her sense of style influence her choice of nail color. Love is currently sporting the perfect beige nails. It’s a neutral, but with just enough tone to catch the eye. In other words, it’s the perfect no-frills sort of style—much like her typical fashion choices.

She most recently paired the manicure with white demin shorts and a black Celine bag. But the beauty of the nail color is that she really could have paired it with any outfit.

With the summer months quickly approaching, we ourselves have begun embracing brighter, whiter clothing. We’re talking white jeans, off-white sundresses and the like. We haven’t quite let seasonal fashion demands seep into our nail choices just yet, but inspired by Love, we think we just might.

If you’re into the neutral nail look, spring for beige the next time you head to the nail salon. Or, maybe opt for a classic French manicure. If we know anything, it’s that you can never go wrong with a white tip. With her classic fashion sense (and penchant for sleek neutrals), we’re fairly certain that Love would approve.

Martha Zaytoun


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