4 Tested and Approved Picks From Athleta’s New Train Collection

The line is environmentally conscious and crafted with performance in mind.

Gear from Athleta’s new Train collection.

When it comes to movement—whether you’re a first-timer or a veteran—securing the right gear is an important prerequisite. But it can also be fairly difficult to find the right items.

As a runner, I’m always on the hunt for the best seasonal gear. During the summer, I seek out shorts that are both comfortable—there is nothing worse than chaffing from ill-fitting shorts—and cute. In winter, I opt for leggings that will keep me warm and won’t fall down as I rack up the miles.

A few weeks ago, I had the chance to test out


’s latest collection, Train. Each of the pieces in the eight-item collection are made from the brand’s new PowerMove fabric, which was crafted with an eye toward promoting performance and minimizing environmental impact.

I tried out a pair of the Interval Stash 7/8 Tights ($109) and the Interval Jacket ($135) for a class at the popular New York City strength training gym, DOGPOUND. Both pieces, made from the recycled polyester PowerMove fabric, have a sleek, supportive feel and a nice stretch that allowed the pieces to move with me as I moved (rather than riding down or bunching up).

The jacket was particularly impressive, molding to my skin with its soft feel and snug fit. I wore both for a run following the strength class, and the experience was just what I look for in winter gear: a snug, warm fit and the ability to stay in place as I move.

If you’re looking for winter gear for your next workout—whatever it may be—check out Athleta’s new collection.

Athleta Interval Stash 7/8 Tight, $109 (athleta.com)

With a slightly cropped fit and a sleek, fitted feel, these leggings are perfect no matter what your chosen form of movement.

Athleta Interval Tight, $89 (athleta.com)

These leggings are the same as the Interval Stash in every way, minus the pockets. If you’re not one to carry things with you while you work out, these might be the better fit.

Athleta Interval Jacket, $135 (athleta.com)

A jacket that is both warmand breathable, the Interval jacket is the best addition to any winter workout wardrobe. Plus, it has a removable hood that makes it fit for a spin in any weather.

Athleta Unstoppable Full Zip, $109 (athleta.com)

With a looser fit, this jacket offers a little bit more roominess than the Interval jacket. You can’t go wrong with this pick.

Martha Zaytoun


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