Model Brittney Nicole’s Favorite Ab Combo Includes These 3 Weighted Moves

We will definitely be testing this set out next time we hit the gym.
Brittney Nicole
Brittney Nicole / Alexander Tamargo/Getty Images

With her entrance into the modeling scene over the past few years, Brittney Nicole has started to use her growing platform to promote her other passions as well. Among those interests is a love for fitness and wellness.

Of course, that manifests in her day-to-day life, but she has also made a conscious effort to share more about it with her following, encouraging others to move with her, too. In that vein, the Georgia native took to Instagram on June 21 to share an integral part of her regular fitness routine.

First, she might do some cardio or some weight training. But, no matter what her workout for the day entails, Nicole always finishes with the same three-move weighted ab combination. The beauty of the routine is that it’s simple, quick and effective. It is, admittedly, “one of my favorite ab combinations,” the model wrote alongside her Instagram demonstration.

Here are the three moves that she performed in the video, along with her word-for-word description of each. She recommended adding a weight and doing three sets.

1. Russian twist (15 reps)

“Keep your feet a few inches off the ground, engage the core as you rotate your torso,” Nicole instructed.

2. BOSU ball mountain climbers (15 reps)

“Keep the BOSU ball stable, engage the core, maintain a slight bend at the elbow, drive the opposite knee toward the elbow,” she added.

3. Long arm sit-ups (15 reps)

“Keep your arms extended over your head as you lift your upper body off the ground, keeping your core tight,” Nicole advised.

We’ll be trying Nicole’s method out ASAP!

Martha Zaytoun


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