This Is Model Jena Sims’s Simple Ab Workout Routine

It requires minimal time and very little equipment.
Jena Sims
Jena Sims / Adam Cairns-USA TODAY Network

An ab routine doesn’t have to be complex to be effective. Model Jena Sims knows that well. At her home gym in Florida, the 35-year-old works with a personal trainer to curate fitness routines that are simple, but super effective.

In recent months, Sims has taken to sharing her secrets on her social media accounts, walking her followers through the various sets she relies on for strengthening and toning her muscles. Between her go-to glute workout (spoiler, the glute drive machine is one of her favorites) and her typical full-body set, Sims has moves to work and tone every part of the body.

Her core routine, which she shared on her Instagram, is the perfect example. Using just a mat, Pilates ball and her pull-up machine, the set is both simple and effective. It features the following four moves:

  1. Roll up with leg extended
  2. Tailbone raises with ball between ankles and arms overhead
  3. Plank rows
  4. Assisted band pull-ups

According to Sims, the set is “such a good series to work the pull muscles and the ABS.” Much like her others, the routine was curated in collaboration with her at-home fitness trainer, Olivia Figueroa.

Aside from the last move, the set can be completed with just a mat and a few accessories, making it the perfect addition to your movement practice both at home and on the go. There’s no doubt the model takes her movement on the road with her when traveling for work or to watch her husband, professional golfer Brooks Koepka, compete.

Martha Zaytoun


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