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Ashley Graham Shares Hilarious Photos of Common Post-Birth Struggle for Moms

The SI Swimsuit model shares three boys with her husband, Justin Ervin.
Ashley Graham.

Ashley Graham.

Ashley Graham, a mom of three boys all under the age of 3, knows a thing or two about postpartum struggles. And after years of an ongoing self-love journey, she has learned to roll with the punches and take things as they come—including her crazy postpartum baby hairs.

The model took to Instagram to share a hilarious series of close-up photos of her face taken on different occasions. The most noticeable feature—and a common theme between all the selfies—are the 35-year-old’s out-of-control baby hairs sticking up all the way around her head.

“I mean at least it’s growing,” she captioned the Nov. 29 series of photos. “#postpartumhairloss.”

Several other celebs and fellow-mom friends weighed into the comments to show that the feeling is mutual.

“Girl I have the same problem,” wrote Leyna Bloom, while Coco Rocha piped “I felt this!”

Graham shares her three boys, Isaac, Malachi and Roman, with husband Justin Ervin. She often gushes about her kids and speaks candidly about parenting and how being a mom has impacted her body positivity journey.

“I remind myself that I have three little kids,” she told SheKnows about coping with low self-esteem days. “You know, my body changed so quickly, like it’s not going to just go back.”

She encourages other new and longtime moms to give themselves grace.

“You just had a child … or two, or three,” she added. “Where you are is exactly where you’re supposed to be.”

In an interview with Motherly, Graham admitted that parenting can be difficult and different than anything else you will ever do, but it’s important to trust your gut instead of the tons of largely unsolicited advice that is thrown your way.

“The challenges may come and go, but the blessings are just so much bigger than the little things that happen every single day,” she said. “Hang in there, remember we’ve all got each other’s back and remember how blessed you are to have such a beautiful baby in your hands. Momma knows best.”

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