Bella Hadid Declares Baby Bangs Are in Style

The supermodel debuted the new hairdo in her latest IG post.
Bella Hadid.

Bella Hadid.

Bella Hadid said baby bangs are back, so it must be true. The supermodel debuted the bold look with a set of IG posts showing off her perfectly toned stomach and teeny, tiny stringy new hairdo.

“17 hour flight to work,” she captioned the Jan. 19 post

The 26-year-old wore a translucent purple shirt with an abstract pattern and a low-waisted red corduroy midi skirt. In the first photo, she posed with her arms across her chest. In the next snap, she lounged on a black leather couch and showed off her lilac fuzzy socks, white ballet flats and green cardigan she threw on top of the look.

For glam, Hadid kept it simple with a fresh base and pop of light blue eyeshadow. Her eyebrows were bleached, drawing all the attention to her sparse bangs that just reached the middle of her forehead.

Hadid’s fans were divided in the comments section of her post. Some followers loved the new look, while other were not big fans.

“Time to give those bangs a rest sis,” someone said. “You still gorgeous tho!”

“BELLAAAA U ATE THIS UP,” another added.

Tons of people noticed that she finally went back to brunette after a brief stint of trying out various shades of blonde.

At the 2022 British Fashion Awards, Hadid was named “Model of the Year.

“Clothes are nothing until they are brought to life by the majestic craft of the model,” SI Swimsuit model and award presenter Ashley Graham said at the Dec. 5 event.

Hadid wasn’t in the audience that night to receive the award, but the committee played her acceptance video on the big screen and Hadid followed it up with an IG post to show her appreciation. 

“Wow....model of the year....I really wish i could have been there with everyone. I can’t begin to put into words how much this award and this recognition means to me. Anyone who knows me, knows cancelling a job or an obligation is not really ever in my wheelhouse, so to not be able to receive this award was a huge sadness for me,” she wrote. “Ive been struggling in the past few weeks, but I’ve patiently waited 7 years for this moment so im just happy i could have been there in some capacity. I am humbled and feel undeserving, as there are so many admirable people i can think of who are worthy of recognition. Thank you to the British Fashion Awards for this incredible honor and reminding me that its okay to give ourselves a pat on the back sometimes. Adut, Paloma, Quannah and Lila - it is a privilege just to be mentioned alongside you four. You constantly amaze me and I am forever grateful for your friendship and in awe of your respective careers. You inspire me every single day.”

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