Cindy Kimberly Looks Gorgeous in a Black Slip Dress in Paris

The SI Swimsuit model showed off the elegant and chic gown in her latest IG post.
Cindy Kimberly.

Cindy Kimberly.

Cindy Kimberly is sharing pics from Paris, and what more could we ask for? The SI Swimsuit model posted a stunning photo of herself posing in front of a gorgeous French window on Instagram.

She wore a black figure-hugging maxi dress with a lace white bra peeking out from underneath. The 24-year-old accessorized with a ribbon choker necklace and a dainty gold watch around her wrist. She stood with her arms reached out to the side and her head tilted backward.

In a second slide of the Jan 28. post, Kimberly included a behind-the-scenes video of herself getting into position for the photo. In the clip, set to the sound of Lana Del Ray’s “Dragonslayer,” she opened the windows, turned around and waved her hair around for the perfect shot.

Kimberly began to grow a following on Instagram after Justin Bieber posted a photo of her in 2015. Since then, she has modeled for various high-end brands like YSL and Revolve and graced the covers of multiple magazines. She often shares her thoughts on Twitter and shows off her love and skill for makeup and art on TikTok.

In an Interview with Nylon magazine last May, Kimberly spoke about her 2022 SI Swimsuit rookie shoot and teased a clothing line on the horizon.

“It was honestly the most comfortable team I’ve ever worked with. I think when you’re shooting for swim or modeling in general, it can be a very vulnerable environment,” she explained. “But since most of the people working on set were women, it had this big sister energy where everyone was making me feel so confident and safe, which really allowed me to be myself and have fun.”

The 2023 SI Swimsuit calendar cover star added that with past modeling gigs, she felt like she was “expected to play a character,“ but that her photo shoot in Barbados was almost “curated” for her and it was incredibly special.

“I feel like this shoot was a mold being made for me, which is something I haven’t really felt before,” the Savage X Fenty model continued. “I know it sounds like when you’re talking about something, it can sound so good that it almost seems fake, but it actually was so amazing. We shot in Barbados, and I’m obviously a huge Rihanna fan so they arranged a whole day where I was able to go to Rihanna’s favorite childhood spots and her favorite restaurant, which was so cool. I definitely feel like I would have never even been confident enough to do any of this type of stuff. Rihanna was one of my role models growing up so it all felt full circle for me.”

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