Ellie Thumann Has Always Been a Big Fan of Halloween, See Some Adorable Baby Photos

The 2023 SI Swimsuit rookie already has her costume for this year in the works—and we’re still more than a month away from Oct. 31.
Ellie Thumann.

Ellie Thumann.

Ellie Thumann’s favorite time of year is spooky season. We’re still more than a month away from Halloween, but the 2023 SI Swimsuit rookie is gearing up for the fun holiday by decorating her apartment in North Carolina, where she lives with her older sister Erin Thumann.

“Halloween in my house was always the biggest holiday we celebrated. My birthday is also two days before Halloween so for me, it was always fun to combine my birthday and Halloween and make it one big costume party,” the soon to be 22-year-old says. “I also came from a very creative mom who always had very unique ideas on how to dress us when we were young.”

The YouTube content creator, who is best known for her lifestyle, fashion and beauty channel which has more than 2 million subscribers, added that like any young adult she now cringes at those toddler costumes, but they were hilarious and clever at the time. The Arizona native notes that she like to plan ahead and takes her costume pretty seriously, in fact, Sept. 1 is when Halloween starts for Thumann.

“It’s actually funny because I already have ordered my two costumes I’ll be wearing this year. I am the type that loves to be prepared because I literally countdown for fall [and] Halloween,” she says. “Everyone in my life is laughing at the fact my costumes are already at my apartment, but me—I think it’s so much better to be ahead because things tend to go quicker the closer it gets to Halloween.”

Like fellow SI Swimsuit models Christen Harper and Katie Austin, the Instagram and TikTok influencer expects to see a lot of Barbies running around town this year.

“I feel like that movie was such a huge hit this summer and there’s so many different route you could take with,” she notes. “You can really make any career occupation into a Barbie! I also think it can make for a really fun group costume.”

View some of our suggestions for Barbie costumes this year.

Thumann didn’t give away what she’ll be dressing up as this year, but she teased that it’s from a live action movie is currently in the works and it has been done before. It might even be made into a couple’s costume with her boyfriend.

The model, who was photographed by Derek Kettela in Puerto Rico earlier this year, reveals that she also a huge fan of the Mario franchise. Though she wont be dressing up as any of those characters this year—it’s a good, recognizable and classic option that she hopes other people will try.

Mario Costume

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Check out some of Thumann’s childhood Halloween photos below.


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