Fitness Influencer Katrina Scott Shares the Six Lessons She Has Learned This Year

The mom of two turned 39 on Nov. 4 and shared an IG video to celebrate.
Katrina Scott.

Katrina Scott.

SI Swimsuit model Katrina Scott has always been an advocate for self-love. She often reflects on what she’s learned from her experiences, including fertility struggles, and is raising her daughters to know that all “bodies are beautiful no matter the chapter.

The fitness influencer celebrated her 39th birthday on Nov. 4 and shared the sweetest Instagram reel, recalling six lessons that she has learned in the past year.

Time is fleeting...and life is too short to critique the past or others.

Scott noted that it’s been an emotional 2022 “for many reasons including surviving the birth of our miracle daughter. I thank God for her, our family and the beautiful opportunity to be here—a second chance to live each day to the fullest and to raise two strong women with my soulmate, Brian.” Scott welcomed her second baby girl, Colette, in May; older daughter, Isabelle, is now 4.

Feeling deeply is a strength, not a weakness.

Scott knows that often there is a stigma that comes with showing emotion, wearing your heart on your sleeve and being vulnerable.

Slow down for sunsets, dancing and love.

Scott believes in living in the moment and cherishing the little things.

Your vulnerability will connect you to people you will love and cherish forever.

The Tone It Up founder was the first visibly pregnant model to be featured in the SI Swimsuit Issue in 2022 and it meant the world to her after experiencing two miscarriages, a chemical pregnancy and two years of fertility struggles. 

“Life is fleeting and fragile—and there’s no reason to spend another day or any energy on circumstances you can’t change, judging anyone else, critiquing yourself or others, or being anywhere your heart isn’t absolutely content,” she added in her caption before thanking fans for all the birthday wishes. “Rise up, love deeply, forgive fully, give to others, and hug your loved ones longer than you ever have before.”

Happiness is fostered in a state of grace, gentle self, forward thinking and hope.

Home is where your family is.

Her final lesson is an important one, yet one that is often forgotten.

Ananya Panchal


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