Lindsey Vonn Speaks on Growing Interest in Women’s Sports

The retired alpine ski racer hopes that the momentum continues to build.
Lindsey Vonn
Lindsey Vonn / George Walker IV-USA TODAY Sports

As an athlete, the growing attention given to women’s sports in recent years—and months, in particular—is heartening to Lindsey Vonn. Though she’s retired from professional alpine skiing, she still has a vested interest in women’s sports, and all athletics, more generally. The 39-year-old has a habit of sitting on the sidelines of all the biggest sporting events, from the Super Bowl to professional basketball games.

That’s exactly where she was this past weekend, supporting fellow athletes, when she had the chance to share her opinion on the growth in viewership for various women’s sports. While at the Formula 1 Miami Grand Prix in Florida, the team from TOGETHXR—a brand started by Alex Morgan, Sue Bird and a handful of others—asked Vonn what their slogan, “everyone watches women’s sports,” means to her.

According to Vonn, the recent uptick in viewership and attention garnered by women’s sports teams and leagues has been a long time coming. In recent months, “the excitement about women’s sports has kind of hit this tipping point almost,” she explained. “It’s been happening for a long time, so I hope we can keep this momentum going.”

In other words, it hasn’t been a sudden phenomenon. It’s taken years of hard work and impressive performances by countless female athletes to get to this point. As one of the most impressive female skiers in history, Vonn herself was part of the growth. Like most others, she simply hopes that the momentum keeps building in favor of women’s sports and female athletes everywhere.

Martha Zaytoun


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