Model Georgina Burke Swears By This Product ‘Saving’ Her Blonde Hair

The SI Swimsuit rookie credits a L’Oréal Pro line for giving her the healthiest shine she’s had in years.
Georgina Burke on the SI Swimsuit runway at Miami Swim Week.

Georgina Burke on the SI Swimsuit runway at Miami Swim Week.

When a professional model hypes up a hair product they haven’t been paid to endorse, you know it’s got to be something special. That seems to be the case with L’Oréal Pro’s Metal Detox collection. Model Georgina Burke gave a glowing review of the product, saying it’s given her the healthiest hair in years.

“This is not an ad but, hopefully after they see this they’ll sponsor me,” the Burke NYC founder shared in a video she posted on Instagram.

Burke shared that her hair was filled with metal before using L’Oréal Professionnel’s Metal Detox products. “I started seeing this hairdresser—I’ve only seen her twice, and she had to fix a lot of damage, but it’s taken two sessions to get to a point where my hair can finally take bleach.”

Burke revealed that the products have performed miracles on her hair. “I’m no longer allergic to bleach, my hair is staying on my head, and we’re seeing less and less breakage. My hair is finally lifting, it’s not snapping and it doesn’t feel like chewing gum.”

Water quality and hair porosity are two factors that can contribute to levels of metal buildup in hair, which can lead to dull and damaged hair. The L’Oréal website touts that consumers saw a 97% reduction in breakage after just one use of the product. Combining that amazing statistic with Georgina Burke’s praise, and needless to say, we’ll be trying this product line ASAP.

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