Olivia Dunne Hilariously Rates How Much Rizz the Comments on Her Posts Have

The LSU gymnast and 2023 SI Swimsuit model is no stranger to funny social media messages.

LSU gymnast Olivia Dunne is officially a celebrity—she read a bunch of tweets about herself out loud and rated them, similar to the iconic videos created when guests visit the Jimmy Kimmel Live! set.

Fortunately, the 2023 SI Swimsuit model read a ton of positive and flirty comments, rather than mean messages, and rated them on a “rizz scale” from 1 to 10. The 20-year-old partnered with brand Accelerator Active Energy—for which she is a new ambassador, along with Travis Kelce and Aaron Judge—for the social video.

“I’m trying to figure out what hero I should be, superman, spider-man, or your man,” she read aloud, then responded, “That’s pretty solid rizz. I’d give it a 6/10.”

Dunne sat on a chair in front of a small circular high-top table with three energy drinks positioned in the center. She then recited the next message: “If she doesn’t respond, we’re getting married tomorrow,” and noted, “That one’s a little too classic. I’d rate it probably a 3/10.”

Dunne wore a neon orange hoodie and purple biker shorts for the occasion.

“Hey (with the most flabbergasting rizz humanly possible),” one fan wrote. “That’s a lot of rizz, 8/10,” the New Jersey native responded.

“Hey lol (my grandma thinks I’m handsome),” she read with a giggle. “Honestly that’s pretty funny, 9/10.”

“We got a whole paragraph here...” she said before reading off the next one. “I would sell both of my kidneys, four of my bottom teeth, my right lung and my left shin just to proclaim my love for you through a walkie-talkie.”

The NCAA star, who is the highest-paid female college athlete in the country, admitted that the message was a bit creepy and gave it a 5/10.

“This isn’t supposed to sound like hate, but u should be more careful about what ur posting. I have asthma and I was blown away by ur beauty,” she read aloud next. “That was pretty clever. I rate that like a 9/10.”

Dunne just began her senior year of college and will soon embark on her final competition season as an LSU Tiger. The social media influencer has garnered an enormous platform of more than 12.2 million followers across Instagram and TikTok.

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Ananya Panchal


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