Olivia Dunne Shows Off Balance Beam Gymnastics Skills in Viral TikTok

The LSU gymnastics team leaps into its new season on Jan. 6.
Olivia Dunne.

Olivia Dunne.

Olivia Dunne is gearing up for competition season. The LSU gymnast shared a TikTok of herself doing a front aerial connected to a back handspring step out on a balance beam. The 20-year-old was decked out in a black Nike racer-back sports bra and a leotard that was scrunched around her waist instead of pulled up over her shoulders.

“pov: ur flipping on a 4 inch piece of wood #foryou


#gymnastics,” tshe captioned her post, which garnered 4.1 million views in three days.

“The actions in this video are performed by professionals or supervised by professionals,” reads an automatic warning sign at the bottom of the TikTok. “Do not attempt.”

Dunne’s hair was thrown up into a messy bun and the video was filmed from behind, resting on the balance beam, showing off the impressively narrow platform. Her left foot was wrapped in a white bandage.

“Focus. Focus. Focus. Focus. Focus. Focus focus focus focus focus,” says the attached audio, inspired by a tweet from SZA earlier this year. “F--- it all. Just focus.”

Dunne often shares gymnastics-related content, in addition to popular trends, lip-synched videos and sponsored content. She has 8.9 million followers across TikTok and Instagram.

According to a recent New York Times article, Dunne has significant earning potential from her social media presence. 

“Seven figures,” she explained. “That is something I’m proud of. Especially since I’m a woman in college sports. There are no professional leagues for most women’s sports after college.”

The Tigers are looking to bounce back from their 2022 season, when the team finished the year ranked 18th nationally. This was LSU’s first time since 2011 without a top-10 ranking.

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