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Former Pro Golfer Paige Spiranac Calls Out ‘Elitist’ Country Club Dress Codes

The social media influencer shared her thoughts on proper golf attire on Instagram.
Paige Spiranac

Paige Spiranac.

Former pro golfer Paige Spiranac took her 3.7 million Instagram followers to play a round of golf with her in a Jan. 17 post and shared her thoughts on golf course dress codes.

While she originally planned to shoot social media content on the green and give the course a shout-out, Spiranac says the unnamed location backed out of the marketing deal upon seeing her attire.

“They originally reached out and said they love my content, they love what I’m doing for the game of golf and they would love to host me, but I was hesitant because I know how most middle-tier country clubs can be,” Spiranac said in the video. 

She wore a low-cut, midriff-baring crop top with long sleeves and leggings in the clip, and called out the “elitist” attitude of such clubs.

“I know that my dress code can be a sore point for a lot of people, but I’m always respectful so I asked them if my outfit was O.K. and they watched me shoot every single piece of content,” Spiranac said. 

She added that there were no issues until she posted one of her videos. At that time, she says the course reached out to ask that she remove all tags since it decided it didn’t want to be associated with the social media influencer.  

“I often prefer public golf courses because I find the people nicer and the environment more welcoming,” Spiranac said. “Golf is all about trying to enjoy this bizarre game with even better company. I think we all need to do a better job of taking ourselves a little bit less serious and having a little bit more fun.”

In the caption of her post, the 29-year old wrote that she feels “most at home” at public golf courses rather than private clubs.

“They just missed on a big advertisement chance,” commented one person, while another fan added, "They have no idea how well you can teach the game. Their loss.”

“Wear what you want,” piped in another, while an additional follower said, “I’m a little confused as to why they invited you if they don’t want to be mentioned???”

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