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Paige Spiranac Says These Are the Best 3 Fan Bases in Sports

The influencer asked her followers to weigh in with their thoughts.
Paige Spiranac

Paige Spiranac.

While Paige Spiranac is a former pro golfer, she frequently shares her thoughts on social media on a range of sports.

The 29-year-old offered up her top three favorite fan bases at both the pro and collegiate level—along with the dedicated fan groups she thinks are the absolute worst—on Twitter. 

She captioned her Jan. 11 post, “Teams you hate and love. Go!” 

Spiranac named the NFL’s Pittsburgh Steelers and Buffalo Bills as her absolute favorite fan bases, along with the NCAA’s Alabama Crimson Tide.

“Coming in at No. 1 is the Steelers fan base, [and] this has absolutely nothing to do with me being a Steelers fan,” she said. 

“No. 2 on the list is Bills Mafia. They are diehards,” Spiranac said with a laugh. “They love their team, they love their fan base, I have nothing bad to say about them, just keep breaking those tables.”

The influencer named the Crimson Tide as the No. 3 best fan base in her mind.

“Alabama football fans, I saw them in the national championship last year, and there was a squad of grannies rollin’ deep, decked out in all Alabama gear,” she said. “They would fight anyone who said anything against Alabama football and it scared the crap out of me, and so now I’m forever a fan. Roll Tide!”

As for the top three worst fan bases? Spiranac named “insufferable” Notre Dame fans, “all Boston sports fans” and San Diego Padres baseball followers as groups she doesn’t have much love for.

“I went to San Diego State so I should like them. But their fan base is terrible [and] we have beef,” she said, adding that she’s not a fan of the team’s brown uniform color scheme either.

Plenty of her 759,000 Twitter followers chimed in to share their own thoughts. 

“Love: Lions, Pistons Hate: Packers, Celtics,” wrote one person, while another follower commented, “Padres twitter seems like friendly folks. How could you have beef with them?”

Last week Spiranac wrongfully predicted TCU as the winner of the College Football Playoff championship game. The Georgia Bulldogs defeated the Horned Frogs 65-7 on Monday, Jan. 9.

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