Watch Haley Kalil’s Hilarious First Attempt at Contouring With Self-Tanner

The SI Swimsuit model shared her honest review and officially endorsed the trend.
Haley Kalil

Haley Kalil.

A lot of people are trying out TikTok’s latest hack for face contouring using self-tanner, including SI Swimsuit model Haley Kalil.

Kalil posted a video stitching the original creator, Rachel Paige, first showing her incredulous reaction to the initial video.

“I have to try that!” Kalil exclaimed in her TikTok. “This makeup trend, I’m actually excited for. If I’m not snatched like Bella Hadid after this, I’m suing someone.”

She then went on to follow the video’s instructions, painting parts of her face with self-tanner using a foundation brush.

“I feel like the nose contour is the most important, so hopefully I did that right,” Kalil said before moving on to contouring around her lips.

“I look clinically insane. I look like a Picasso painting,” Kalil said as she wrapped up her video. “Well, I guess we check back in four hours to see if I look just as crazy.”

Kalil’s follow-up video revealed that the hack actually worked!

“The moment you’ve all been waiting for,” she said as she washed her face on camera and revealed the results.

“I’m so scared. The moment of truth,” Kalil said. “Oh! Oh hold up. Why does it actually look good? Wait, you guys, am I crazy or does this actually look good?”

She then struck a few poses in the mirror as she excitedly examined her face from different angles.

“The nose contour? She is snatched!” Kalil exclaimed. “I need to buy more fake tanner. Do this. You’re welcome!”

Kalil is never one to shy away from honesty, so we appreciate her forthright review of the trend—and might even be convinced to try it ourselves.

Earlier this month, Kalil drew praise from fans and followers after posting photos of herself in a swimsuit on Instagram with visible cellulite while on vacation, proclaiming, “It’s just my body.”

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